Ghana National Association of the Deaf (GNAD)


The Ghana National Association of the Deaf organized a four (4) days pilot test workshop for the Sign Language Interpreters assessment committee from 19th to 20th and 22nd to 23rd May 2023, at the GNAD conference Hall, Accra.

In Ghana, the background, educational status, certification, and interpreting experiences of sign language interpreters (SLIs) vary greatly. On various occasions, stakeholders, service providers and some agencies have questioned the status, experience and eligibility of certain SLIs deployed to serve at events.

To enhance the provision of sign language services, the GNAD has, on many occasions, organized workshops, and in some cases, extended financial support to a number of SLIs for professional and academic development in the country. However, the GNAD admits that currently there is no mechanism or system in place that recognizes SLIs in Ghana. Therefore, there is a call for assessment, evaluation process and certification systems of SLIs who would, otherwise, wish to be recognized as interpreters of the Deaf. With this strategic plan, the practice of Sign Language interpretation in Ghana can be regulated and coordinated. This plan has been endorsed by partner organizations, hence, the Ghana Sign Language Assessment Committee (GhSLIAC) setting up.

The overall goal of the GhSLIAC is to assess the quality of Sign Language Interpretation in the country, in terms of interpretation skills, academic qualification, awareness of Deaf culture and deaf organizations, and demonstration of ethical behaviours and professional conduct, through a testing regime.

The four days workshop empowered the committee to review the existing documents, developed testing tools and successfully conduct pilot tests on selected Sign Language Interpreters from two regions.

It is hoped that, by December 2023, the national assessment and recognition of Sign Language Interpreters would be initiated by the assessment committee. The committee will make available to the general public, particularly the SLIs, all necessary information ahead of this important assessment process.

Below are images from the four days workshop.

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