Ghana National Association of the Deaf (GNAD)

GNAD recognizes the efforts of Beatrice & Joana

The leadership of the Ghana National Association of the Deaf (GNAD) has presented citations in honour of two individuals in recognition of their selfless support to the Association.

The citations, which were presented at the opening of the 2017 National Executives Council (NEC) Meeting at the Accra Rehabilitation Centre on 24th March, forms part of the Association’s efforts to recognize the efforts of various individuals for their support to the Association in diverse ways and encourage others to emulate their example.

Beatrice and Joana Ayerson

Although not Deaf people and do not have any relatives who are Deaf, Beatrice and Joana Ayerson, both Ghanaians, have for sometimes now, been supporting the GNAD annually with small cash donations. The amount is used to support National Level Administrative of the GNAD Secretariat.

In appreciation of their selfless support for the Association, the GNAD board members in collaboration with the regional leaders decided to recognize their efforts for the Association.

Jointly signed by the Executive Director and the National President, the Association acknowledged the immense support Beatrice and Joana made to the Association over the years noting that‘…you are very different because it is very rare to find people like you who are willing to do something to the needy without thinking of anything in return….the Ghana National Association of the Deaf (GNAD) recognize and appreciate your efforts….though we [the members of GNAD] have nothing to give in return, we ask the Almighty God to reward you with abundant blessings…’

Accepting the presentation, Beatrice and Joana Ayerson expressed their profound and humble appreciation for the honor done them, noting that they least expected such recognition.

Present at the citation presentation includes all the 9 Board members, 10 Regional President, National Executives, representatives of GNAD Youth Wings and the GNAD Staff of the Association.

NEM is the third highest decision making body and comprises of Nine (9) Board members (all elected), ten (10) Regional Presidents and representatives from the sports, women’s and the youth wings. Its mandate is to serve as a platform to deliberate on issues pertinent to the development of the Deaf communities in Ghana, share regional reports and action plans and to share best practice.

NEM thus offers GNAD leadership the opportunity to meet and deliberate on matters of interests and these that bother on the welfare of the Association and the Deaf communities in general. This includes discussing issues pertinent to Deaf education, employment and other welfare issues.

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