Ghana National Association of the Deaf (GNAD)


The Ghana National Association of the Deaf (GNAD) is pleased to announce that the association has received support to scale up a project on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) targeting deaf people in Ghana. The project which is to be implemented in 4 regions, Upper West, Upper East, Northern and Eastern Region, is supported by AmplifyChange, Strengthen Grant, and seeks to enhance access of deaf women and girls to comprehensive SRH information and services including sexual and gender-based violence, youth deaf people’s access to accurate information that can assist them in making informed decisions regarding their sexuality and access to proper Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) particularly for needy adolescent girls in four schools in Ghana.

The long-term goal is to achieve a society where deaf people (men and women) enhance access to accurate and quality information and services on SRH including MHM thereby enabling deaf adolescents and out-of-school youth to live healthier reproductive lives and for in-school adolescent girls and boys to remain in school and participate in learning. As part of the process, GNAD will also strengthen the capacity of the women’s wing branch of the association.

The beneficiary schools are the Wa School for the Deaf, Gbeogo School for the Deaf, Kibi School for the Deaf and Savelugu School for the Deaf.

Speaking at the project inception meeting with partners, the President of GNAD, Mr. Matthew Kubachua expressed his sincere gratitude on behalf of GNAD to AmplifyChange for its generous financial support to GNAD over the past years. He noted that the project is timely as it will contribute to bridging gaps in knowledge and access to SRH information and services among deaf people due to communication barriers between deaf people and health services providers.

On her part, the National Vice President, Ms. Christie Yaghr also noted that the project will contribute to enhancing access to learning for adolescent deaf girls in 4 schools so that the disparity in performance of deaf girls and boys, which is attributed to frequency absenteeism in class by girls will be reduced. While thanking Amplify Change on behalf of GNAD, she calls on other donors to support the association in scaling up its interventions to other schools for the deaf.



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